Lazy lagoons

It turns out I have been here nearly a week and already I have had countless adventures. A highlight being our trip to Ile aux Cerfs with its sweeping sand, deep lagoons and vast trees- all hanging with bright dazzling flowers.

After a brief walk in the heat we decided lazily to leave the exploration of the island until later so with bags on heads, we waded through a narrow strip of sea separating the two beaches. We emerged damply onto a clear, abandoned stretch of sand and it was here we decided to set up camp. img_1866
We plunged into the shallows armed with snorkels and goggles to find a dense covering of sea grass spreading its way across the sea bed giving an eerie, murky feel to the waters. This caused my mango stealing friend to announce in disgust that it was just like the forbidden forest.
Between the patches of green the water remained as clear as crystal and deliciously warm. After a while, however, it became apparent that there were not many fish out and about who were willing to grace us with their presence although we did spot numerous sea urchins, a couple of potentially dead sea cucumbers and even a rather lazy spotted octopus basking in the green.
We decided it was time to move further round the coast to an area where the while sand was separated from the brilliant blue sea only by rounded black rocks. Here a whole host of sea urchins lived, even bizarre yellow ones, all clinging together desperately on any available rock. It appeared that the fish here were just as unimpressed at the idea of being gawked at as they had been before and so we only managed to spot one or two.

Beautiful rocks

As part of the tour we were also given a massive lunch on another part of the island. This consisted of a huge slab of fish, a piece of chicken, a sausage and a heap of coleslaw, all washed down with local beer. Once this had been devoured and we were able to move again the boat took us out to see a waterfall, along the banks of the river there were vast green trees, one of which was home to a family of monkeys another to a whole host of giant bats all upside down and sleeping in the sun.

So much food

Once we had watched the fizzing white water plummet down the rocks and into the black waters below the boat turned and navigated its way back down the river before depositing us on the mainland and making its way sleepily back out to sea.

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