Reflections in the sand.

One of the most exceptional things about being in Mauritius is the glorious sunsets. Every night at 7pm the most amazing natural display of orange, pink, mauve, grey and blue paints its way across the horizon.

The event is best witnessed on the beach, surrounded by numerous tourists with cameras all trying to capture the same moment and immortalise it forever in their scrap books.


A forrest on fire – one of many MU sunset photos.

One evening after a forced and horrific work out, inflicted upon me by Mango Stealer friend, we decided to go and take in the sunset as a reward.

As we sank giggling and sweating into the cool fresh sea, being careful to avoid any on looking sea urchins, the sky began its usual, now familiar, fade to grey. Beams of gold and red flecked the near by clouds setting them alight and within minutes the sun was balancing on the horizon, ready to fall backwards into darkness.


So beautiful it can’t possibly be real.

While we swam the sun lowered itself down and a brilliant white moon appeared above us the realisation of how exceptionally lucky I am made my heart leap. As I sat in the sea with one of my most dearests people, laughing and telling stories, I couldn’t help but think that surely moments like this are better than any photograph in a scrap book.


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