Together we march.

One of the things about being on an island it the sudden realisation that you have no idea about what is going on in the world other than the vague  snippets you gather from those around you or the odd (possibly miss translated) newspaper sighting.  Most of my news is gathered from a quickly sift through Facebook – normally while praying internet/power holds out long enough for you to have a good perusal. Its here I noticed that suddenly my time line has filled with images of all the strong, incredible people I know and love coming together in a dazzling show of power and strength.

Despite being gutted that I could not join my fellow humans as they marched for a better world I feel so proud and lucky to have a life full of people who will join together to fight for what they believe.

As I trawl various sites, tittering to myself at the witty, passionate signs and the faces grinning determinedly back at me I am filled with a fire and a hope that this world will soon be a better place.

I have been called a hippy on many occasion and this seems to stem from my belief that we should all be friend. If this makes me a hippy then a hippy be I!

There are far too many unsettling, terrifying issues arising in this world for us to ignore. Together we are strong and with this strength and the passion I can see in those who marched we will be able to change the world.


The roads we march are all different but lets be sure we do it for the best.


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