Best laid plans

One of the most important things you can learn about travelling is that even though a day doesn’t go as planned it does not make you a failure. Nine times out of ten you will still end up with a story to tell – normally a lot more entertaining that the one you would have had before.

I may only be saying this as a way to defend the adventure Lulu and I had this weekend as this was a prime example of failed planning. We had decided that we were going to head out to the near by town of Tamarin, mainly to sample some of their exquisite sounding beaches. Was the sand extra cushy? Was the sea extra beautiful? Were the crabs extra friendly? We couldn’t wait to find out.

After pilling onto the bus we quickly became mesmerised by the passing scenery. Planning expeditions up the tree cover mountains and trying to choose which of the vein like tracks that covered their slopes would be the best to try we became so absorbed that we quickly forgot to concentrate on the rest of the journey. After a little while of silence we suddenly realised that neither one of us knew where to get off the bus… this would have been fine if only we had expressed this concern to one another. Instead we sat and watched as everyone left the bus and vaguely wondered if it would have been an idea to go with them. The conductor lurched towards us as the bus whizzed out into the country side and let us know that we needed to get off… we could catch another the bus back to town… this was all the information he gave.

As the bus drove off we stood on the pavement… in one direction trees and no pavement… in the other…. trees and some pavement. We chose to follow the pavement and hoped to stumble across the stop where everyone had left the bus – it couldn’t be that far.

Unfortunately, this stop consisted of a fruit stand and a tiny shop… god knows why everyone left the bus here. After and hour of trying to get to the beach through the rows of private houses and intimidating fences we wandered across a huge out door shopping mall with lots of little boutique shops. The place was eerily quiet and the shops all appeared closed at first glance. When we were bored of soaking up the shops free aircon we decided to head further up the road in search of a beach as we were now pretty thirsty – our bottle of water having absorbed the midday heat.


The most official building of our journey. 

A lovely little bar caught our eye and we decided to make a move on it. Unfortunately, the people at the bar all new each other so as we approached they all turned and stared at us in silence…. being cowards we walked right through the bar and out the other side into a building site…. a fine moment for us both. Especially as we skirted round the bar to get back onto the road.

We finally found a haven next to a super marked that served ice cold drinks and had free wifi. from here were googled where we should have left the bus…. it was at least an hours walk away. Sleepy in the heat we decided we had had enough and skulked back to the bus stop.


Sweet chocolatey salvation!!!!!

On the way home the bus drove through the place we had meant to spend the day in and I must say it look lovely. However, I bet we wouldn’t of had as much fun or as much chocolate.


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