A Scottish girl’s top 5 tips for surviving those humid nights.

It’s easy to forget why I thought moving to a tropical island was a good idea as I lie in bed at night sweating like I have never sweated before, from places I didn’t even know could sweat. The knowledge that I must surely have lost all the fluid that has ever entered my body plays through my mind and so I simply lie there waiting for death -If death requires movement however then maybe you’ll do it later – Instead I spend the night complaining to myself.

Being the last to arrive in the house I inevitably ended up in the room without air conditioning. Well… it has air conditioning… it just doesn’t work meaning that I often find myself lying in bed staring at the stupid machine and cursing its name. During this time however I have learnt some valuable life lesson about how to stay cool in times when even the mosquitoes must be feeling the humidity and I would love to share them with you in case you are ever as unfortunate as to find yourself in a similar situation.

Lucy’s top 5 tips for avoiding death by sweating

1 – Keep the window open.

Yes, this opens up a who other host of problems such as mosquitoes the size of humming birds popping in to say hey but if you can face leaving the window open and the bedroom door closed during the day there should be a nice stash of fresh air, that you don’t have to share with any one else, waiting for you by bed time.

2 –  Water is not just for drinking.

Taking a bottle of cold water to bed and clinging to if for dear life may make you sounds like a complete weirdo but there is honestly nothing so good as when you locate your bottle of water in the night. It’s kind of a reverse hot water bottle idea.

3 – Make it wet

Covering your chest, arms, face or hair with cold water and then going to bed without drying off offers at least and hour of cooling.


A picture of the offending air conditioner – let’s all hate it together now!

4 – Don’t move

Even getting up to close the door can be a all it takes for a night times sentence of sweating and whinging. As I’m lazy I’m a pretty firm believer in not moving once I’ve lain down any way so this one isn’t often a problem but for those of you who are more active this is definitely one to bear in mind.

5 – Sleep

Just sleep as soon as you can. When lights out comes so does the race against the humidity. The faster you can go to sleep the more likely you are not to feel the effects of the heat.


This is all pretty self explanatory but you’d be surprised how long it has taken me to settle into a new beat the heat evening routine.

If anyone has any other ideas or tips on how to combat life in humidity then please do feel free to share them in the comments – Please I could use them.


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