A Scottish Girls Top 5 Tips for Flying Solo

The smug feeling I already have due to living on a Tropical island is only heightened by the knowledge it is still a substantial amount of time until I need to get on a plane again. The same cannot be said for my other half who is now facing  a 14 hour long flight to visit me. He has willingly (somewhat selfishly I expect) agreed to cut his working week short in order to pop over to the island of paradise.


A chilly start to an adventure.

Being a seasoned traveller –  in his opinion – he has turned his nose up at any advise I have tried to give him. Given that he grew up travelling between the Philippines and London this is probably a fair reaction but I was still miffed when he politely rejected what I had to say on the matter. The flight here was my first long haul so I was excited to share my new tips with him. Instead I will share them with you – aren’t you lucky. So I hope this will help out anyone facing their first solo flight, lets all secretly hope my other half forgets his slumber pillow as punishment and has to endure 14 hours sleeping in awkward positions.


The flight pillow I panic bought in attempt to appear prepared…. I wonder where it’s from


Lucy’s top tips for surviving a solo long haul. 

1 – Take a spare outfit in your carry on.

Being a paranoid and twitchy traveller the constant worry of whether my hold luggage will join me on my trip or whether it will head off on an adventure of its own is a constant cause for concern. My genius friend gave me the tip of popping a spare outfit and a pair of flip flops in my carry on, just in case I was left clothesless on the other side.

2- Change before boarding the plane.

This seems obvious but I didn’t think of it until I was hopping desperately on one leg in the tiny toilet trying to wriggle my way into my comfy bottoms whilst doing the “lets not touch anything” dance….

3- Water! Water! Water!

Again, we all know that flights are dehydrating but I did not believe how much water I actually got through in those parched hours. Between gulping from bottle of water and running wet wipes or spritzing a fancy can of water spray Birchbox saw fit to give me in the general direction of my face I hoped to ward off any dry skin upon landing. I must have got through a small ocean as all the adverts about ageing skin came pouring into my mind over those hours for the first and only time in my life. In fact I think I found this obsession with hydration far more interesting than anything else I had bought as entertainment.


Organic water?!???

4- Snacks.

You probably wont eat any of the ten billion fruit, chocolate or nut bars you bought but you can’t be too careful. If disaster does not strike then at least you will have a nice little head start on the hoard of food you will eventually carry lovingly back home at the end of your adventure.

5- Entertainment.

I am blessed with the attention span of a below average intelligence goldfish and so the mere idea of being trapped alone for 14 hours sent me into a twitching state of boredom. In practice it wasn’t to bad but I would advise that you bring pre-downloaded entertainment – films, games, music – I failed to do this, panicked and instantly ended up paying £10 to watch rubbish films and TV shows on the in-flight TVs and then inevitably spent most of the journey staring out the window in a day dream.


A new game: guess what the pink bit is….

By travelling to a honeymoon destination alone I was graced with the privileged of not having a seat buddy on my flight even if I did have to put up with the confused looks the the flight attendants  as they asked me where my companion was… worked for me… extra water wooo!



P.S. Update on the know it all other half’s travel plans since I began this post…. Received frantic phone call asking what exactly he should bring, what time his flight landed (he was only 3 hours out) and whether I took printed copies of my documents… Maybe he will read this after all?


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