Snorkel Challenge

Sunday morning on the island and the household is rather quite this morning. Pounding headaches, tender tummies and a nice dose of self pity seem to be the general mood. If only I could say we had some horrible illness and therefore require as much sympathy as you can muster…. Unfortunately, as you can probably guess, this is not the case.

A busy work week full of different achievements has lead to a build up of celebrations for the Saturday. A mix of passed diving exams, 25th birthdays and last Saturday on the island for one of our boys lead to a night of giggling debauchery.

The Mexican, having just completed his Dive Master course – woo for him the master of the dive!! –  was subjected to the snorkel challenge as an initiation into his new role. A coke bottle is split in half and precariously taped to the end of a tuba. Said bottle is then filled with rum which is drunk through the tuba…. all while wearing a full diving mask. The Filipino also suffered the same fate as a way to celebrate his 25th birthday, although I don’t think he minded too much.


Happy birthday to you! You bring so much joy to those around/behind you..

As with any of our mismatched Mauritian family events food was a key element to our night. Massive steaks cooked to perfection on our trusty portable barbecue followed by a main course of chicken wings doused in a Marmitey marinade. And for desert racks of ribs oozing sticky sweetness accompanied by roasted vegetables, rice and all the cheese you could want. Of course this was all washed down with beer and a secret rum cocktail provided by the German.

So pity us please as I mope on the sofa –  hiding from the 30 degree heat while whimpering and the others crawl their way to the beach. Life truly is hard for those on the island.


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