The Story of a Cat Named Duck

When asked their favourite aspect of travel most people are quick reply that meeting new people is the most exciting and rewarding experience during their time away. I suppose that it is for this reason that we – my housemates and I – have quickly built up our travelling family. These people, who were entirely unknown to us a few months ago, are now the ones with whom we share all the amazing adventures we have had during our time in Mauritius. As with any family it would of course be incomplete without a furry friend to assist in all your home based endeavours.

The most important member of our adoptive family is two feet tall (on hind legs), can jump crazily high and – as with all our other friends here –  was lured into our lives through the use of food. Enter Duck! The cutest, funniest and weirdest street cat in existence.

There is no one else I would rather catch parasitic diseases from than this fuzzy little fellow (or lady… we aren’t sure). Of course we are extremely careful not to let her into the house…. well… when we can help it. It’s so lovely to be greeted in the morning by her purring face and adorable meow. After 15 minute of hearing her constant whinging however she quickly becomes the most aggravating creature alive.

Our days at home are now divided equally between leaping up from whatever we are trying to do to kick the wandering Duck back out of the house, much to her annoyance, and trying desperately to block out the constant clambering, fuzz shedding, squeaking ball that is hurling it’s self onto us from all directions. Many a happy morning is now spent listening to my housemates shouting at the cat in a mixture of languages. She must now be the most cultured cat in the word. Hopefully one day we will find a language in which she understands the words “Get out Duck!” or “Bad Duck”.


Don’t even think about it!!

But for all her flaws and lack of bilingual ability we love this adorable (often deplorable) fur baby. I will always treasure the day we coaxed her into our lives by throwing a trail of bread for her to follow, much to the scorn of our German friend “It is not a Duck!” (hence how she got her name-  just to prove him wrong). Thank you for choosing us.


MU wouldn’t be the same with out U!


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