End of Chapter

So, the time has come to leave the island I have lived on for three months. I dealt with this in a true British fashion – the way we deal with death, disaster or the fear of tea served the “American” way – by getting on with the task in hand. There was no time for crying or soppy goodbyes, not to say I didn’t make the most of my last days, but the art of denial comes naturally especially why you completely ignore what is coming. It wasn’t until I sat in my seat, 22A and had time to look around that I realised that it was over. This chapter of the story has finished, suddenly the tears came and the sadness I had tried so hard to keep at bay hit me full force in the chest like a falling coconut thrown by a cyclone. Boom! On to the next adventure. Let’s not say goodbye Mauritius but rather TTFN, you truly are a paradise island. Thanks for it all!



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