Got the London Look

Five sunsets, four different countries, a million hours spent on Flexibus and a sudden 5 am panic about where the fuck I put my oyster card later and I find myself back in London. With multiple bags of crap and a mind so fuzzy I couldn’t remember my way home, I stumbled off the bus after a twelve hour journey from Holland to be greeted by a beautiful London in the midst of Easter celebrations.


Watching my talented baby brother proved the perfect cure for adventure blues.

After a night out in Kilburn the traveller’s fug has shifted, with the help of tequila and live music, from weepy exhaustion to a twitchy itchy feet syndrome- an old friend of all who return home after an expedition. Sitting in bed, surrounded by all the treasures I’ve found, I eat my 50p loaf of bread whilst staring lazily at my back pack and wonder whether to unpack or would it be less effort to just keep travelling.


Where does it all go?!?!

Do I really need to stop already?



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