Country Living

Although it’s lovely coming back home and seeing the family there is always the small issue of the countryside. I love the countryside… don’t get me wrong: hills, grass, trees, animals, mud …….DUNG…..


Lovingly tending his poop crop.


That’s the main one. The main feature of those rolling hills that surround our house. Poo is everywhere especially when home comes with two, rather over friendly (otherwise known as rude), collie dogs, each with a penchant for poop. They find it anywhere and they don’t really care what origin it is.  After a feast they will wait till you least expect it then sneak up to you…. Snuggle in….and BAM!! They stick their big sloopy tongue right in your mouth.


Maybe if I feel them flowers they won’t smell so bad…?

Unfortunately, I chose to visit during lambing time which is down in the doggy calendar for its seasonal, always grizzly, delicacies … suffice to say I’m only going to wear a turtle neck pulled up to my ears for the rest of my visit.

All I can say is at least they eat local.



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