A Scottish Girl’s Guide to Eating Out in London

The idea of writing this guide to finding London’s finest dining was suggested by one of my oldest friends – word of advice:  those guys have dirt on you… always do what they say. They are wise, admirable people who can tell your new not-from-home friends all about the mouse hospital you ran together out of a shed at age 9 and they remember the time you fell out face first out of the van and sprained your ankle….

So here it is (no blackmail included)!!! The first “Scottish Girls guide to Eating Out in”, I hope there is something to each of your tastes. I have included a link to their sites in the titles and a rough price guide for those of you sticking to your budget – well done you frugal Badgers!


7 bright and scrummy places to brighten up your summer dining:


Chicken LiquorBrixton  

PRICING:   💪   💪

Every time I leave London I am comforted by the knowledge that I will soon be back and be able to visit this magical, disgustingly delicious haven of friend chicken, milkshake and fries. From their “Dirty Chicken Burger” to their Jack Daniel’s infused “Honey Shake”  the whole place oozes decadent, greasy delight. No meal here is complete without a stack of deep fried mac and cheese logs –  honestly, these sound disgusting but they are so so good, especially with the spicy tomato sauce that comes as a side.

If chicken isn’t your thing (weirdo) there is also a restaurant in Covent Garden called Meat Liquor which serves more meaty meat.Don’t panic though the sides are the same.

Turtle BayBrixton


This place is amazing! A total haven of Caribbean food washed down with healthy amounts of Rum. This is an old time favourite for my brother and his girlfriend and was the venue for our joint graduation dinner (No shame about graduating the same week as my little brother… cough… cough). Scrumptious Goat curry or maybe a sumptuously gooey goats cheese and Mushroom Burger wouldn’t be the same without being followed promptly by a whopping helping of Rum &  Raisin Bread Pudding covered in Ice cream and partnered with wonderful – cheap –  rum based cocktails.

Comptoir Libanais – South Ken. (and other places)

Pricing:    💪   emoticon

This has become my go to restaurant when dragging guests for a day out at the good old Natural History Museum. Unfortunately, I am not very good with directions so I only ever find this by accident or by pretending to show a guest around London whilst internally cursing my sense of direction. This place is bright and fun and perfect for shaking off that rainy afternoon museum funk you’ve worked up. The food is delicious and cheap and there is lots of it. Some of the best Halloumi I have tasted. They also sell freshly made lemonade in a range of yummy flavours.

Gail’s Artisan Bakery – Pimlico (and other places)

PRICING:   💪   💪   emoticon  emoticon  Turtle Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)

Although this is a chain and some of its products are extortionate (yes, I once paid £5 for a loaf of bread by mistake and nearly died) it is definitely my favourite Breakfast/brunching spot. Their french toast topped with a heap of Maple bacon and syrup is honestly one of the best things I have ever eaten although, word to the wise, their coffee kinda sucks so maybe stick with tea? They also do a range of delicious little cakes, sandwiches and nibbles, if you are so inclined, as well as a selection of other cooked breakfasts.




This is a true life saver at £14 for a two course Sunday Roast and free corkage on Mondays! Don’t mind if I do. If you have clever friends like I do then they will come up with the suggestion of sharing a starter, having your own main and then sharing a desert… my mind was blown by her beautiful intelligence. The food is pretty good and there is plenty of it. But it’s the staff who make the experience as they are so friendly and chilled out it really makes the experience.  I would suggest sitting outside, on the terrace so that you can watch Pimlico roll by and also ogle Gail’s French toast from across the road.



Watermelon, Feta and Basil Salad


Moo Cantina Argentina – Pimlico (and others)

PRICING:    💪  💪  emoticon

I love this bar! Their beer garden is a few feet from the main road and like a little slice of the jungle to hide in; everything in it is bright and fun. The drinks are pretty cheap with Happy Hour running every evening on beers and selected cocktails it really is a great place to nip into on the way home. Moo isn’t just about the drinks either! The steak is amazing and they have 20% off every Tuesday as well as special set lunch menus during the week. This place is fun, a great place to chill, drink and eat.

My Old Dutch – Holborn (and other places)

PRICING:   💪  emoticon

Pancakes!!! I love pancakes!! Who doesn’t love pancakes? Giant, delicious, wondrous pancakes what more can I say? I was in awe of this place and totally misjudged my pancake abilities on the first visit. I have never been so full – or so happy – as when I ordered their cheese and ham pancake and had it along side a massive Matilda inspired, candy floss, Milk Shake. I disgraced my self by not finishing my pancake but it was so worth it. Delicious and not too expensive.


I hope you have found something inspiring on this list, even if it’s just a cup of tea and a nibble at Gail’s. I would like to say a massive thank you to all my wonderful friends who accompanied me on these “research” ventures.



If you have any suggestions for secret places to eat in London then please do leave a little message in the comments as I would love to know about them.


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