Inside my Accidental makeup bag

So I am well aware that it has been over a month since my last post….. I apologise! I swear it’s only because I have been working on so many good adventures for you.

As a way of apology, I bring to you a collection of my traveller’s beauty secrets so you can look just as fresh and vibrant as me.



Sunday beauty blogging vibes…



For Glossy, sleek & flowing locks:

Having luscious locks is definitely my main priority when strolling through a foreign city. Never once have I arrived in a strange land only to postpone my exploring for a quick dash into the nearest shop in search of shampoo. I am of course prepared with my mini samples which expertly fit into my makeup bag. For a truly professional look, I am currently working my way through the panic buys of past holidays –  Herbal Essence from Germany, Garnier from Belgium & conditioner from France.



I call this: ‘A portrait of split ends…. in blue’



For perfect glowing skin:

I love to spoil my skin, expertly choosing only the finest creams, powders and scrubs to keep it young and fresh looking.  In other words, I have a tube of L’Oreal face wash a friend donated to me in Mauritius… the instructions are all in Danish but how hard can washing a face be….( although a bit of moral support would be nice). I alternate this with Himalayan face scrub as this uses lentils instead of micro beads so, even if it shreds my face (it doesn’t), it doesn’t have a totally negative impact on the environment (SAVE THE FISH!!! Preachy bit over.)  If my face is lucky I may even remember to put cream on it normally something I found in an old Birchbox delivery/stole from my mother.



Having your best friend’s boyfriend explain Sebum to you….


For immaculate nails:

I love nail polish… I love buying it almost as much as I love picking it off my nails in a disgusting show of twitchy awkward boredom. Unfortunately, I can only manage about 15 minutes of perfect nails before I have smeared it on either myself or something else. I call it texturing (especially if it catches bits of fluff in it).



Glamour at its peak


For soft and supple skin:

As a girl on the go, it is important to give your skin the TLC it needs. Smothering yourself in Savlon is the best way forward, you smell like a pharmacy and everyone wants to use it. The quickest way to make friends while travelling is to be the one with the first aid kit. I honestly believe Savlon cures all life’s ills. Mosquito bites? SAVLON! Sea Urchin stings? SAVLON! Septic fractured ankle after jumping off a sea wall in Croatia…..? SAVLON and a maybe a plaster!

On special occasions, I have been known to trade in my Savlon for NUXE body oil – just to make it look like I efforted.



Let’s all hear it for this Savlon!


Misc thing I never travel with out (and often never use):

Kirby grips – only ever two and I don’t really know what to do with them.

Eye liner – TBH I use this a lot and then proceed to smear it all over my face.

Mascara – See above.

Highlighter – I don’t even know how to use this or what it is?

Lip balm – I never travel with out this, but only because I don’t use it enough to remember it is in my bag.

A lipstick – Normally in a colour that always feels a little too daring to wear out doors…. I put it on for 15 mins then change my mind a scuttle back to the makeup wipes.



Waitrose understands my needs.


I’m sure there are a million other useless thing I insist on carrying with me on every adventure, however, I won’t bore you with all the details. I hope this little insight into how to be as efficient and skilled in the grooming department as me helps you all to feel fresh as a daisy as you crawl your way off a train somewhere in Europe (maybe you know where you are. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you didn’t even know you were on a train, either way, this posts for you). Alternatively, Snap chat has some incredible filters right now:



Savlon: coz you’re worth it!


As a last and more appealing resort, we could all just have a G&T?



Beauty at it’s finest.




I would love to hear more about your secrets of how to keep it so sexy whilst globetrotting. Please do comment ideas so we can keep our beauty rolling. 


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