Trains! Accidental style…

I write this in the middle of Paddington station clutching the obligatory and, on this occasion, unnecessarily hot cup of coffee in one hand and trying to think of something entertaining to write with the other…
It’s been a while since I filled you in on an adventure and so I would like to tell you about my last train experience…. exciting I know ( I’m trying ok?!?)

For once I had planned weeks in advance, I had it all booked and ready to go. I’d complete my final shift at the restaurant, glide my way home, pack my bags and then arise for my 6am train refreshed and ready to go after a solid 8 hours of beautiful beautiful sleep……


And many, many more…

4.30 am finds me wandering through fiztrovia on a Friday night, cocktail in hand and colleagues by my side.
 4.40 am finds me legging it down Oxford Circus station escolars to catch the beloved night tube…

4.42 am finds me legging it back up the escalators, phone in hand and frantically trying to book an uber. Damn you night tube!!!

4.50am finds me throwing my self into aforementioned uber….

5am throws self out of uber (gracefully of course) 

5.30am finds me back in an uber. I have showered, hydrated and packed (I think).

5.55am hurtle into station. Swearing and sweating alcohol at the poor ticket collection machines.

5.59 (& a 1/2)am finds me slumped on the train dehydrated, exhausted and stinky.

6.01am I am joined at my table by a group of about 20 (maybe 6) fifteen year olds on their way to summer camp.

6.50am alcohol, exhaustion and teenager conversations reduced me to a haggard, grumpy disaster.

7am 19 year old summer camp leader mistakes me for one her charges and try’s to cross me off the register. Secretly delighted…. maybe I should drink more often? 

8.30am try to leave train at my station and my new found girl friends assume they are coming too… much confusion. Finally wave of my adoring fans to a chorus of goodbyes (I don’t think I even spoke to them until they tried to leave with me)

9am rescued from costa by my parents. What’s next for this already full day? Bed? Naps? Duvets? Pffft it’s off to the show to dance in puddles of mud and some jolly good times.

That’s all mud baby!

6pm….. Death

If any of you have had similar experiences starting with cocktails and ending with mud I would love to hear from you! Please do get in touch. 😊

P.s trying to be swish and using my app…. if I have autocorrect swears or everything looks awful….. blame the app…


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