Curse you British rail! 

Sometimes I marvel at how I manage to get anywhere at all. My friend told me the other day if I didn’t have bad luck with trains I’d have no luck a all… this is why I found myself spending yesterday afternoon huddling under a bridge on a tiny remote platform in Yorkshire. 

After a wonderful jaunt up to the beautiful town of Brighouse to celebrate some smashing people and their future plans together what better way to end than to treat yourself to a cheeky first class ticket on a swanky old train (especially when said ticket is £19). I could picture it now my effortless drifting in the the carriage to sip the finest tea in a porcelain cup and wrap my skandi sweater casually round my shoulders to ward off any chilly breeze (as if they would have chilly breeze in fist class!! Pfft).

Anywhere that had borders biscuits must be fancy!

Instead I find myself stumbling down the icy stairs bags flying as the doers on the train slide shut. I leap towards the door but as my finger reaches for the button the train begins to roll away….

This is the first time I have ever missed a train…. there have been some near ones but never before have I had to stand on the platfom – trying not to weep – while the train (and my porcelain cups of tea) chuggs slowly into the distance.

As I stood on the freezing platform, wondering what to do (and fighting the urge to call my mummy) it started to snow. 

After half an hour of frantic googling and a quick call to a friend in search of sympathy (he was rubbish!) I jumped on the train to leeds. 

£107 later I arrived in Leeds 10 minutes late and with 5 minutes till my next train. This would have been fine if Leeds wasn’t huge, packed and slippery. Soggy floor aside I still managed to hurl myself onto the correct train. 

Three hours later, cold, hungry and tired I arrived back in London with half an hour to spare before heading out to a gig.

In short, congratulations Kim & Phil! In future I drive to Yorkshire.

If you or someone you love is also hated by the British trains I would love to hear from you. Perhaps together we can defeat this evil! 


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